Digital Signage Outdoor Screens Provide Various User Experience and Convenience Features

digital signage outdoor screens

Usually as an outdoor advertising unit, a digital signage outdoor screens should possess certain benefits as below:

Touch screen – usually an added feature, it can give the digital signage outdoor screens more interactivity and add to its value, it can also provide the content more aesthetic appeal and make the content more interesting. Touch screen usually displays the content like a virtual “bookmark” or “dismissive” which is easy to use and explore. It is capable of having various applications and display of content such as music player, weather reports, etc. The outdoor device has the latest in signage technology which makes it a great idea for advertising display unit.

Light Sensor – it is an important functional feature that provides real-time information to the viewer about the environment around. It can provide brightness as well as dimness control and can work independently or in conjunction with the lighting system of the digital signage outdoor screens. The content displayed can change due to different environmental factors like sun light, illumination and changes in illumination patterns of different locations. The outdoor digital signage totems have been designed with the technology that can adjust accordingly with changing weather conditions to serve the content needs. With the increase in awareness about the environment, and to address concerns about global warming and related issues, outdoor digital signage totems are becoming more popular among the people.

Brightness – the outdoor digital signage displays can have either high or low brightness depending on the requirement of the advertiser. In order to serve the targeted audience and to draw attention to the advertisers, the outdoor LCD display has to have bright images. A bright outdoor LCD display allows the advertiser to create visual impact as well as maximize its visibility. It also helps in attracting customers and in motivating them towards the particular message. Low contrast ratio and adequate brightness help in providing the best user experience and enhancing the sales of the advertiser.

Ip65 or iPerformance – This refers to the indoor performance indicator of outdoor display devices. This can be either built-in light sensor or can be LED based. Both these technologies are available in various forms such as Infra Red and blue. The built-in light sensor helps in displaying the advertisements along with the ability to track the user experience in the LCD panel. With the increased use of the internet, the availability of wireless technologies such as bluetooth, hotspots and Wifi has improved the usability and efficiency of the digital signage display systems.

The other factors that can affect the performance of digital LCD displays are LED backlighting, color temperature and contrast ratio. The LED backlighting provides bright colors and greater contrast ratio but it requires more power and consumes more time during startup. The color temperature of outdoor display IP65 is different from the normal outdoor display and it can go from cold to hot. The IP65 display has an extended memory space which allows storing of advertisement data for a longer period of time. The latest technology provided by the digital signage system is the WMS which stands for Wireless Multimedia Message Service.